Friday, December 21, 2012

Myriad 3 Tell

A jazz collective on equal footing, Myriad came together almost as an accident waiting to happen. One night some subs (players not the sand which) where needed for another band;s gig and the three found themselves on stag at the same time. When something is right you just know it. A jazz exploratory of rhythm and groove, Myriad was in desperate need of playing in a many environments as possible as to tighten their swing and explore the relationship with other musicians. Thus, the birth of Myriad 3.

While most bands start doing the road in an effort to try and have their first record take off, a little something different happened on the way to the recording studio, Myriad 3 was getting their sound out and about the Toronto area and then and only then did they head off to the studio. A sightly backwards approach that seems to work incredible well for this tight knit working band from Toronoto. Spreading the word and heeding the Gospel jam that is Myriad 3 has allowed their sound and musical identities to flourish under these slightly unusual circumstances.

The band is pianist Chris Donnelly, bassist Dan Fortin, an drummer Ernestro Cervini. While all three were aware of the others works, some happy accidents brought them together to create one of the hottest and most refreshing sounds on the Toronto scene today. The most interesting part of this sonic backstory would be pianist Donnelly is perhaps best known for his work as a classical pianist, bassist Frotin cut his musical teeth and the raw edge of rock with maybe just a touch of blues touched for flavor and drummer Cervini is a jazz man through and through while frequently  gigging with his sisters band the Amy Cervini Quintet. A true musical collective that includes the business decisions which are all handled on a Democratic scale while as a band it is an harmonmic exploratory to be relished.

The melodic focus is never found in the jazz witness protection program. There are inventive twists and turns, harmonic and dynamic changes on the fly and a hard swing boarding on the infectious. "For The Dreamers" ebgins alsmost like c alassical hybrid then gradually moved towards a lyrican intentsity that easses back into the melodic wonderful from where it starts. "C Jam Blues" is a brimmiant redenition of  an old shol classicmade new cool again with a variety of dynamic range and intensity to match. "Myriad' opems this showcsae with a warm spantiety of sound and session alike. What makes Myriad 3 work so well is not only the undeniable chemstry but the bands unqiue ability to stop ouside their comfort zone. . Fromer Arsenio Hall music dirctor MichaelWolf referred to ervinii as one that swings as hard as any session type drummer todau - the classic undersell.Mriad 3 is cutting edge, the future of modern jazz and their new relesae Telll is just the beginning of what is to come!

Tracks: Myriad; Fractured; For The Dreamers; C Jam Blues; Disutbuing Inspiration (Part 1); Distrubing Inspiration (Part 2); Tell; Drifters; But Still And Yet; Mr. Awkward; Lament/PEX

Personnel: Chris Donnelly: piano; Dan Fortin: bass; Ernestro Cervini: drums.

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