Monday, October 15, 2012

Jeffrey Weisner Neomonology Innova 2012

While credit for the quote is still up for debate, "Everything in music is derivative as there is nothing really new" there are virtuoso performances that can leave one at least knowing that an artist has indeed put their own voice and lyrical impressions into a work of lasting significance.

The first solo effort for double bassist Jeffrey Weisner takes the more music road less traveled as his ability to shift dynamics and genres is hard pressed to be duplicated. Somewhere between a more spatial free jazz and a neo-classical approach, Weisner takes a musical journey showcasing his amazing ability with an ominous sounding sound scape that seems to take on a true organic life of its own. A mysterious and often times zen like performance where the notes not played have as profound an impact as those that are creates a dynamic tension of harmonic fearlessness.

The subtle nuances of "Mix Tape" originated with Weisner sending a mix of his favorite tunes to Armando Bayolo who then reworked these where Weisner then morphs into a one man rock god changing genres and dynamics at will all while sneaking in certain musical references you are sure you heard before. But where?

While "Mix Tape Kid's Got The Beat" opens with an ominous punctuated lyricism coupled with a rich sonic burst of color, "Introspection #11,702" is a eclectic exploratory into the world of micro tonality with incredible elegance and grace. "Mix Tape Been Hurt And Abused" pushes the boundaries of what is commonly referred to as chamber jazz but on a carefully walked harmonic tightrope. "Caelum Dedecoratum" is a stunning epic roughly twenty minutes in length building to a dramatic conclusion of what is referred to as a single arc of musical time. The ebb and flow of this recording is as one. A virtuoso performance moving past genre and attacking the cerebral process of all those that simply take the time to listen. A sincere and well thought out musical experience.

In the same diverse spirit of this project, Weisner lives a multi-dimensional existence as an orchestral and chamber musician, soloist and respected educator.  The future of the upright bass? A stirring work moving through time as Jeffrey Weisner making a significant contribution to the world of all the critics have to do is figure out the proper label, which is when you know accurately describing the beauty and adventurous spirit of some work is the equivalent of describing the color blue to a visually challenged person. An epic work.

Tracks: Mix Tape Kid's Got The Beat; Mix Tape Been Hurt And Abused; Mix Tape Bird Can Swing; Mix Tape: Turn Around; Mix Tape: (A {Very} Brief Meditation On The Nature Of Parenthesis); Mix Tape: Room To Lay The Law; Introspection #11,072; Caelum Dedecoratum.

Personnel: Jeffrey Weisner: bass.

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